About Oz Wild Birds

This site was first established in September 2006 with an Australian Bird photo gallery. In January 2007 the website was upgraded to have a forum section, blog, copyright, purchasing photos, about me & site and how to contact Nora Peters. The website is continuously expanding and the future of the website may change as others start to join the forum of Oz Wild Birds.

Who knows where Nora may end up taking photos of Birds.

About Nora Peters

Hi and welcome to Oz Wild Birds,

My name is Nora Peters I started taking bird photos after getting a D50 for Christmas in 2005. My first lens was a 70~300mm Nikkor f/4~f/5.6 and I soon found the birds were too far away and my pictures weren't as sharp as I would have liked. My daughter lent me her Tamron-F 2X AF Tele-Converter. The photos did get better as the birds became closer but I still felt the photos lacked sharpness. So it was decided to up grade to a VR-Nikkor 80~400mm AF lens. The photos again improved and my skills of 'sneaking' up and not disturbing the birds that I was photographing improved as well.

Now I was getting the photos but was occasionally having trouble identifying my birds. So my daughter searched the internet for a bird forum and like minded people to help me. I joined Birdforum.net and have learnt a great deal. After looking at the way others presented their work my daughter helped me with Photoshop so now I have improved my skills further in this area. My son-in-law also helped to build this website for me to display my photos.

The next lens I will move on to when I have saved enough money will be a Nikon Fieldscope 82mm ED Body and Nikon FSA-L11 Fieldscope Digital SLR Camera Attachment. This will introduce me to digi-scoping.

I have had many adventures with my daughter and husband keeping me company while birding. Hope you enjoy my photos and feel free to join my forum to leave comments or talk about birding.

Kind regards

Nora Peters
Oz Wild Birds